Yoga Hanalei March 2018 Newsletter

March Newsletter


Aloha Yoga Hanalei O'hana!

I write to you freshly returned from the far reaches of Oahu's North Shore having shared Patanjali’s Yoga teachings and Asana at the Wanderlust Festival in Turtle Bay. It was quite an experience, and made me realize what a bubble I live in, in our extended Yoga community. I had somehow found myself in the mainstream of the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. Perhaps my teacher Rama somehow initiated the ethers when I last hosted her on Kauai in December when she said to me,” Bhavani you will carry on my work. We need to get you seen beyond the jungle.”

Spring Detox Kriya Yoga Immersion
at Yoga Hanalei w/ Bhavani Maki

March 12 - 16
Mon - Fri 7:30 - 10a
drop ins welcome
Visitors $35 single / 5 days $150
Kaua'i Full Time Kama'aina $30 drop in / $125 5 classes
For details visit

Join Bhavani for a Spring Detox in Kriya Yoga, Yoga as purification of mind, body and heart through Tapas (physical practice), Svadhyaya (metaphysical study), and Ishwarapranidhana (letting go) as described in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra philosophy and psychology.

At the airport, I ran into an old friend who was part of our close knit Yoga community in Mysore, India. I shared that it would be my first time teaching at an American Yoga festival, and wondered out loud if students would appreciate my more traditional approach to Yoga. Janet reminded me of Guruji’s analogy of students who were like a pot that had been smeared with garlic. Despite many washings and lifetimes, the pot always carried that flavor, and some students carried a taste for the deeper teachings of Yoga. “I hope you meet some of those students, the ones who taste of garlic”, she said. I knew then that I was called there to meet long lost friends and colleagues that hungered for the richness of Patanjali's teachings.

Patanjali Mantra chanted prior to practice
to invoke the blessings of Yogik lineage

Wanderlust was an amazing celebration of Yoga, with teachers  and  thousands of students coming from all over the world. It was so incredible to have contact with so many people who have been deeply touched by the profound boon of Yoga in their lives. I was blessed with making new friends, as well as being surprised by long time ones, and to disseminate the teachings of Yoga to hundreds of students. Our evenings culminated with Hawaiian blessings, music, and dancing under the full moon.

Congratulations to Module IV Teacher Training Participants

My experience at Wanderlust profoundly reinforced for me that what I have to share is based on the ground my predecessors covered and the transmission I received through years of personal contact and study. It was because of the many years my teachers dedicated in study with their teachers, and their willingness to invest in me in the tradition of Parampara (teacher-student lineage) that I had the honor to stand there and share the nectar of Yoga. My classes in Yoga as a path to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth were very well received. I was happy to be able to offer students thirsting for the classical teachings of Yoga, and to honor and share what my teachers had imparted to me. It was a wonderful experience to be surrounded b y so many lovers of Yoga! I was so inspired by the new generations of Yoga teachers and many seekers, who in their modern interpretation of Yoga, were like our Yogic ancestors, drawn by a timeless longing to return to realize our oneness, that already is.

Wanderlust provides a beautiful environment.
Bhavani taught to classes of +120 students!

Bhavani Maki Online
Yoga Sutra Talks

19 hrs Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed. Credits

I am pleased to announce that I have at long last made 13 Yoga Sutra discourses available for download to the public. These talks are live recorded classes that qualify for 19 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance. Please visit my recently updated website for further information.

updated webpage

A hui hou ....until we meet again,

Bhavani Maki & the Yoga Hanalei faculty