Yoga Hanalei February 2018 News

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Aloha Yoga Hanalei O'hana!

We are on the crux of a lunar eclipse, and the intensity of energy is palpable! This moon is known as a "super blue blood moon" in Leo close to Ceres and the Moon which rule the feminine, the home, as well as our emotional natures. It is the last of a 6 month series of eclipses that began in August 2017, and the first of a new string of eclipses for 2018. A time of empowerment in which we clear emotional baggage accrued for the past 6 months, and clear the field for heightened intuitive awareness.  As is more than obvious, it prods us to reevaluate our psychological conditioning in how we treat and value the feminine in society, both in the work place and at home, as well as the inner realm of our personal psyche.
I am reminded of the quote:

"Our greatest battle is between the part of us that wants to be healed and the part of us that is used to being miserable"
- Iyanla Vanzant

At Yoga Hanalei, we are dedicated to creating a culture true to the Meriam Webster lexicon's definition:
The integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends uponthe capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations.

For those ready to dive into a supportive  group learning environment in the science and art of Yoga as healing, beginning February 5th, I will offer Yoga Hanalei's first ever Module IV teacher training. I look very much forward to working with the group coming from all over the country to participate in this more in-depth and advanced training. The only prerequisite to  qualify if you have done Yoga Hanalei’s Module I, II or II training, or completed 200 hours of training elsewhere.

Module IV Teacher Training
at Yoga Hanalei

Feb 5 - 23, 2018
continuing education towards a
300 or 500 hour certificate
for details visit

For the student interested in honing their skills in the endless process of Yoga. A continuation of teaching skills, reading bodies, the therapeutic benefits of Yogasana, adjustments anatomy and physiology, pranayama and Patanjali's Yoga philosophy and psychology.

The first weekend of March I will be sharing the teachings and insights of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra along with asana classes at Wanderlust Yoga Festival at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu. There will be many teachers and students there, and it is sure to be a high energy event.

Bhavani Maki at Wanderlust, Oahu
March 1 - 4, 2018

Sending you much love,

Bhavani and the faculty at Yoga Hanalei