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Hauoli Makahiki Hou, Happy New Year!

The new year is calling us forth to, in the words of Patanjali, “relax, and yet redouble your efforts”. As we come into Yoga Hanalei’s 19th year, I continue to be inspired by the connection and far reach we have developed in our growth as a community! Our Sanghata extends far beyond the island, to the global community at large. The incredible energy our Yoga community has generated motivated me to map out a schedule for the entire year, including an extensive mainland tour.

New Year's Yoga Immersion with Bhavani Maki
January 8 - 12
Monday - Friday 7:30-10am

The new year is the ideal time to practice Sankalpa, intention formed by our heart and mind, along with Bhavani, to carry it forward into action. Join us in a supportive and focused environment of communal practice to energize and empower you in mind, body and heart.
Investment: $35 drop in or $150 for 5 classes
Full time Kaua'i Kama'aina rate: $30 drop in or $125 for 5 classes


Module IV Teacher Training Immersion
300 / 500 Hour Certificate:
Module IV: Feb 5 - 23, 2018
100 hours

This year we will offer our first Module IV teacher training, applicable to a 300 or 500 hour teaching certificate. If you have done any of Yoga Hanalei’s previous modules, you qualify. I want to emphasize that you do not have to want to teach. The only prerequisite is a deep interest in furthering your personal studies and exploration of the mystery of Self through Yoga. We will continue to delve into the Patanjali Yoga Sutra philosophy and psychology, the therapeutic aspects of asana, as well as teaching skills and adjustments. more info


Patanjali Yoga Sutra Study

Books & Discourses

available at

I have recently redesigned my personal website, and have finally made available to the public 13 down loadable live Yoga Sutra class discourses. You can also order copies of my book The Yogi’s Roadmap; The Patanjali Yoga Sutra as a Path to Self Realization for a discounted rate for study groups. I am pleased to say that I recently learned that over 4000 of my books are in circulation! It heartens me so to know that there are so many practitioners who recognize Yoga’s potential as more than a quick work out, but a life-long path of both personal and collective social growth. Down-loadable live class recordings are described below:

Sutra Talk I  PYS I:1-2
Yoga as a Path of Mystical Embodiment

The Yoga Sutra open new worlds of insight to move beyond belief systems into the direct experience of spirituality, and the unfolding of one’s unique and authentic Self. This discussion explores the progenitors of Yoga, Patanajli’s incarnation and lineage, the different calibers of student, and Yoga as a path of embodiment.

Sutra Talk II  PYS I:1-4
Navigating Consciousness

The  Sutra provide a map of the potentials of consciousness in how to navigate healthy ego, boundaries, & relationships. As well as providing a system of skillful self-care, Yoga extends to the larger organism of cultural and community evolution. The Sutra explain the step-by-step process of how to live an awakened life, and experience fulfillment through service.

Sutra Talk III  PYS I:5-9
Right Knowledge, Erroneus Understanding & Imagination

All thoughts and emotions are a combination of 2 categories of 5 vrrti each. Once able to discern the 5 thought processes, we no longer over-identify with them, and develop the crowning jewel of Viveka Khyati, discriminating wisdom. An exploration of the attributes of correct knowledge, erroneous knowledge, and imagination.

Sutra Talk IV  PYS I:10
Nidra: The Navigation of Consciousness into Wakefulness

The process of falling asleep opens a window into navigating the different brainwave states, and accessing deep levels of the unconscious and super-conscious. Yoga is ultimately a process of waking up in which we extract the nectar from that which we have been asleep to, and awaken our dormant potential.

Sutra Talk V  PYS I:11
Smrti: Remembering Our Oneness

True presence allows us to move beyond thinking into feeling. Yoga practices act to penetrate layers of density and open us into a state of tenderness in which we clear the heart, and cherish the gift of life. A discussion of how we release in the poses to remember of that which our hearts have always known, but our minds have simply forgotten.

Sutra Talk VI  PYS II:3
The Klesha, or Five Distrubances

Yogik practices serve to peel us back to move beyond thinking into an intelligent response of feeling and open to a state of expanded awareness in which we realize the true gems of life. A review of Nidra, sleep, an exploration of the seemingly painful states of mind, along with how we discover the original blueprint of well being encoded within.

Sutra Talk VII  PYS I:30
Antaraya: The Nine Rites of Passage

Yoga is described as a process of involution, in which we trace our roots back to the origin of the Supreme. The spiritual path is rife with challenges that are often mistaken as obstacles. When we appreciate crises as pulling out the best of what we have to offer, we proactively strengthen our personality and character.

Sutra Talk VIII  PYS I:20, I:31, II:16
Sahabhuvah: The Yogik Vitamins

Yoga is an alchemical process in which we transform negativity into positive growth. The accompanying symptoms of the Antaraya (challenges) offer a means of diagnosis in how to navigate towards improved well being. We are advised to administer the “Yogik Vitamins”, or positive attributes, in a daily dose as a counter measure to remedy affliction.

Sutra Talk IX  PYS II:31,II:35, II:36
Karma, Dharma and Yama

Yoga is a process of burning future Karma, which refers to how we respond.The leverage of Karma is Dharma, our unique gifts to the world. The Hatha Yogi utilizes long asana holds as they penetrate the psyche more profoundly than shorter holds, which tend to be more physical. A discussion wheel of Karma, and the stages of Vairagya, detachment.

Sutra Talk X  PYS II:37-39
Maha Vratam: The Great Vows of the Yama

Continued exploration of the Great Vows and the last 3 Yama, and the Siddhi (supra-normal powers) they confer. Discussion of the potency of sexual energy and Tantra Yoga, as well as the Kosha, energy sheaths. We realize Yoga in becoming established in any of the five Yama

Sutra Talk XI  PYS II:32
Niyama: The Personal Observances

Yoga contends that the mind and body are inseparable, and to remain discerning as to what input we receive, as consciousness is highly impressionable. The Niyama are the personal standards to uphold the purity of Self as sacred. Discussion of the distinctions between detachment and indifference, the nature of suffering, and our capacity to generate love.

Sutra Talk XII
How Yoga Works

The Yogik story of the ocean of milk, is a metaphor to describe how Yoga churns latent tendencies to the surface to be analyzed, and neutralized. Yoga teaches the importance of utilizing both the shadow and light side of our psyche to unravel where we are bound up, and cultivate freedom both within and without. True Self knowledge transforms the intellect into spontaneous intuition.

Sutra Talk XIII  PYS II:46-48
The Sutra on Asana and the Posture of the Mind

Yogik posture, includes the attitudes we carry, and the art of reconciliation with life's inevitable discomforts. Asana develops our nervine strength, & the art of awareness. As we explore Yoga as a path of self-care, we are healed, and learn to become healers in our own right. Our focus then naturally rotates from egocentricity to Seva (service) and the consecration of all life as sacred.

Best wishes for the new year
to you and your loved ones!