September Yoga Hanalei News

I hope this email finds you well. I write to you from my home base of Kaua'i after a 10 week mainland teaching tour and family vacation in Greece. It was so wonderful to come home to Yoga Hanalei. "What a beautiful Yoga shala!", I thought. The field of love and intention is so strong here, and clearly it is the students and teachers that keep the energy going. Thank you for continuing to share your process and hearts in maintaining a sacred space for growth and deepening connection. Special thanks to all of our instructors and staff for keeping the spirit of Yoga strong in our community!

Niko meditating early morning at the
Santorini Airport on the carry-on luggage

My five city tour was wonderful, as new and old students gathered to share new babies, life changes, and revelations. Our focus this year was Bhakti Yoga, the heart of practice as the path of love. We examined that Love is not limited to a human emotion, but an energetic field that holds all of creation in balance. Transforming our experience of love is a process of developing spiritual maturity andself-esteem. We explored the Tibetan Buddhist concept of Shenpa, loosely translated as "the hook". Shenpa is our tendency to build a case aroundexperiences, in which we make ourselves (or others) right or wrong. It is fascinating to observe how quickly we fall into this trap. The Yoga Sutra encourage us that true freedom begins when we move beyond polarities. If we exercise tolerance and patience, we remember our oneness, and realize everyone is doing the best they can. We appreciate life as a learning experience.  Each time we open to each other, laying down our shields, we make an offering of trust to the Divine. Thank you to all of the participants and hosts for offering your deepest Self in holdingspace for individual and collective growth!


200 hour certificate:
Module I: Oct 10 - 28, 2016
Module II: Nov 7 - 25, 2016

Continuing Education towards 500 hour certificate:
Module III:
(100 hours)
Feb 6 - 24, 2017

We are excited to be embarking on our 13th annual teacher training. They simply get better every year! If you are looking to teach in the future, or simply want to deepen your practice and journey of Self-discovery, please consider joining in this life-changing experience.

Please visit for details

Bhavani & Niko doing acro-yoga
at the ancient fort of Acro Corinth, Greece


"THE SAMADHI PADA"  featuring Bhavani Maki & Rama Jyoti

After Rama's workshop this past Spring, Rama and I finally recorded the Yoga Sutra, with the indispensable help of musician and Yoga Hanalei instructor, Amit Heri. It was such a pwerful experience to sit at the feet of my esteemed teacher in the tradition of shravana,  call-and-response. If you would like it as a study guide, or simply for ambient vibration, please visit Simply look up Bhavani Maki, and you will be able to download a copy.


Now thru Nov 31st

$108 unlimited monthly*
*full time Kaua'i residents only

After offering a workshop at The People's Yoga, a studio in Portland, Oregon, I was deeply inspired at how they make Yoga readily accessible and affordable to the local community.  We hope this special discounted offering supports you in being able to make it to class, and to allow you, your family and our island O'hana to enjoy the benefits of Yoga.

Bhavani with students at The People's Yoga, Portland, OR.

I do hope that our paths will cross soon!

Until then, a hui hou, 
Bhavani Maki